Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wed Jan 12th 2011-Night

I just finished the review for "The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy".

It got me thinking.  Other then just the flirting which I posted about the other night, but about my own novel.

It was actually nice enough today ( -8c with a windchill of -13c) that I was able to go for a short walk to the grocery as things were melting.  Mind you it made walking nearly as difficult with all the slush as it would have been with all the ice, but anyways,  when I was out, I started thinking about the book I had just read and heroes vs villains and what makes one or the other.

I think that is one major plot issue I am having with my own novel.  Both my hero and villain are heroes so to speak. Neither is truly a bad guy and therefore, I want both to win.  Which is not a conflict in the novel itself just in my ability to write it.

Something has to change.  Either my hero needs to  man up or my villain needs to be crueler. Not sure which?
But that is the problem when you spend this much time -it will be two full years in March- creating characters, they become your pets or children and you want to see them doing good stuff. You end up having a difficult time keeping to the original script so to speak.

I was hoping to have one month where I did not have any books for review to devote that amount of time to my novel, but I am afraid that is just not going to be the case as the "spring/summer collection" is now rolling in for review.