Friday, September 9, 2011

What's the Plan?

One of the things that I wanted to do when I started this version of my bloggy-blog,  was more Martha Stewart-ish projects.  
Well, that never happened for many reasons. {remember that Frankenstein dress I was wanting to do over a year ago... see what I mean}

As I sit here this morning, having noticed yesterday while I was out, that the Hallowe'en displays are already up at the stores; I am wondering what to do this year for my -obviously- favourite holiday?

Last year on this bloggy-blog I did a 31 days of October with a blog post that was Hallowe'en -horror-vampire related every day.  Some of the posts were fresh new ones and some were re-dos that I had posted before on my old blogs. 

I'm not in the mood to be doing that exact thing again this year.  But I do want to do something spooky-ish. 

As I sit here right now, typing, having once again woken before my alarm; getting ready to fight off a bunch of vultures and frealniks at the blockbuster liquidation sale {there will be tears I know it} I'm indeed trying to figure out what to fill my time with during the winter as I will no longer have a blockbuster to feed my dvd addiction.

I had stopped in to talk to one of the staff yesterday, and it was weird and sad.  Hundreds of people will be out of work because of this whole thing.  Not too mention the neighbourhood here will be missing the place. 
As Jen talked, she mentioned so many of the regulars who over the years have come in chatted had a coffee with the staff.  Everyone seemed to gravitate to the store for reasons besides just renting or buying movies. 
If one store has impacted the lives of about two hundred people over the last 20 years, just imagine how the other stores around the country has impacted the people in the neighbourhoods they've been in.