Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/25/2011 Foggy

Dear Spudguns:

Well, as I just posted on the year long blog project, which is needing a massive boost; as I just posted on there, I am finally getting to get away for a few days.
Yes, having spent all my time trekking to my mother's everyday,  eating dinners together for months, has allowed me to save some money and am able to get out of the city for a few days. 

Okay, so it's just a few cities away but it's the first trip I've been able to take in over 4 years.   And I'm doing this with just a pen and notebook.   No internet.    Can you believe that?  Me going for nearly a full week without my computer or internet. 
I leave tomorrow and get back Friday.  My goal is just to get a bit of a break from my life and kick start my writing again.  Which is why I decided to go without anything that would distract me like my computer or internet.

I miss being able to travel.  At some point I would love to get to Ireland.  I've never really been outside of Canada.  Unless you count going down to the States {America}  but those were trips I made when I was a kid with my parents; I don't remember anything from them other then the one time I got lost when I was in Milwaukee... I was 4. 
Actually, last time I stepped foot in the U.S.; I was 14-15 years old so it's been 22-23 years since my last trip to even Duluth. 

And this is the part where I say I really really envy my beloved X-Division.  You lot get to travel on a daily basis. The places you get to see, the people you get to come in contact with, the food you get to try...

Anyways, small trip but long overdue.

See you all on Friday. 
Love Ardeth Blood