Friday, September 23, 2011

The final Episode

It was the last episode of the 41 year old soap opera  All My Children today.    I cried. Well, I cried yesterday actually when they brought back the actor David Canary who played a duel role of Adam and Stewart Chandler for most of the show's history.
If you missed it today, they had a cliffhanger.   If you saw it then you know that when I say "balls!"  you know why.  Damn it!

Rumours are flying that they will be turning to the internet as an online soap come the new year.  And I say rumours with a half seriousness, as Cameron Mathison made a comment on The View's AMC special saying he signed on the online version.

When I hit the  site after the finale episode of AMC, there were tons of comments from fans with mixed feelings on both the cliffhanger and the idea of them going online. 
I have to admit, I thought it was a horrible way to wrap up 41 years of the show, and really not too keen on the idea of it being online in the future.

What I honestly thought they were going to do was a movie to extend/wrap up some storylines; as they have been talking for the last few weeks on the show as part of Erica Kane's character plot.   I honestly could see a two hour film version because it just seemed like it was too detailed for them not to be teasing at it.    Seems I am mistaken and it was just a big tease on the writer's part.  Damn it!

It's just so weird not to have AMC on every weekday.  Not to hear my Uncle going on about the actress Susan Lucci all the time. {Uncle's one and only celebrity crush}