Monday, September 12, 2011

Eric Young strips Crowd goes Wild


Just trying to watch last week's episode of TNA-Impact  on the Spike site {Sept 8th 2011 episode}  a full day after the ppv, and not getting to see too much because the picture is rotten.  Looks like it's been copied a few hundred times or something but anyways...

Dude, I totally dig Eric Young! Totally dig the guy.  He's been on my list of Canadian celebrities I'd love to meet for the last few years.  

Just wish he'd shave that damned beard is all. 

So, watching the episode, had to hit the pause and run in to post this little nugget of joy.   Eric Young doesn't even have to do anything other then remove his clothes and the roof gets blown off the building.  Love it!

I'd love to go grocery shopping with him cause I think that would be a day trip if you know what I mean.   Yes, I'm in a good mood tonight and why not... there is a Full Moon the heat here has finally broke... okay yeah there was a slight crazied wind storm and hours of thunder and lightening and hail here today but  who's counting right?

Now, back to the regularly scheduled TNA