Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weird 9/21/2011

Dear Spudguns:

The energy around here today has been odd.   Could be because today is the Fall Equinox.  Could be because a few planets are shifting and turning direct this week after months of being in a retrograde motion.
No clue.

So my sister and brother-in-law finally bought a house.  Ironically, it's one block from where we grew up.  Like literally parallel to our house just one block.  Freaky no?
It's like no matter how hard either of us try, we can't seem to break out of the 10 block radius from where we grew up.

So, I got to see the movie "I don't know how she does it?"   on the weekend, and have to say what a massive disappointment that was.  I know it was based on a novel, so I picked up a copy of the book like an hour before I went to the cinema and the book is now on my never-ending TO READ pile. Hopefully, it will be better then the film was.

And now to the soap... I can't believe that All My Children only has 2 episodes left!   Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!   That's like 40 years worth of characters.  And this past few weeks, the storyline has been amazing.  Why on earth weren't the writers doing this for the last two years?  Today was the cameo by Sarah Michelle Gellar, and I could not stop laughing cause of the Buffy the Vampire stuff they wrote in.  Loved it!

Speaking of vampires... just saw the trailer for Underworld 4  which comes out in the new year.   Not sure how I feel on that.  Always had mixed emotions on that series.
And found out yesterday that there is going to be a 10th anniversary DVD for Elvira's Haunted Hills.  Dude!  this film is a collectors piece I'll tell you that. 

Love Ardeth Blood