Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Joy

Hey Spudguns!   My day was one of those long sticky days that serves only half a purpose.  How was yours?

Deal with the doctor's appointment first.
I went, sat around waiting, and was told the same thing he told me last time I was in the other week.  That my foot/ankle issue will be chronic and that I also have to look forward to a knee replacement at some point in the next few years.   Yay!  But that's getting ahead of myself.
Doctor S. stated that I could either get another piece put into my shoes and have to wear even uglier footwear for the rest of my life,  or possibly have to start using my cane again with ankle and knee braces, or have reconstructive surgery for my ankle. 

I'll take the ugly shoes for $400 thanks.  Maybe use my cane in winter again if it's all the same. 

That's when he brought up, yet again, that because my knee and ankle do not line up proper I'm putting too much stress on the knee and at some point, could be two years, could be five, could be fifteen,  I'll need to have my knee replaced.  
You know what he told me then... wait for it my loves... DO NOT WALK ON IT.     I am not kidding.  He told me the only way I'm truly going to stop the chronic pain and further damage is to stop walking all together.   Yeah, I'm trying to understand the theory of telling me that one myself.
and when I said to the Doctor that walking is the only form of exercise I can do any more since the accident {and yes I did remind him that he told me NOT to do the belly dancing and made me stop that } he said "oh well yes then, you need to be able to continue walking."  

Like what was he thinking?   That I was going to quietly be in a wheelchair for the rest of time?   I've had my wheelchair time when I was younger thank you very muchly. 

This of course, lead to his next statement...  that I am putting too much stress on my joints and that if I were 40 pounds lighter I'd be in a better state for my injuries.
Dude!  I'm not that stupid! I know this.   Even though you know, I'm still 45 pounds less then the X-Division weight limit, I understand that my body has been through more then it's share of badness.

Which then brings me to the question of  how am I suppose to loose this 40 pounds if I can not work out anymore?   This has been my nagging question for the last 5 years since my car accident.  

So how did I spend my rest of my day... I went for a walk from the doctors to the mall and bought myself  a copy of The Joy of Cooking.    And trust me, it might only be ... 4 pounds  I just weighted the book...  lugging it around town for half the day in +30c with a +34c humidex,  is a work out.