Friday, September 9, 2011

What did I get?

Besides a headache and terrible back ache from standing in lines today; I got a few dvds in the liquidation sale.

3 vampire movies - The Thirst {2009}  Bloodsuckers {aka Vampire Wars : 2005 tv movie} and  Deadgirl {2008}

The first two were really bad drenny films but given my addiction to vamp films, they were must haves for me.  The third one was a decent enough film, it was one I reviewed few years ago on both my old vampire blog and my old main blog.  It was one that I admitted had me with mixed feelings.

I also got myself the Hunter S. Thompson documentary, a German subtitled foodie film, and a classic Robert Redford movie.

All of which I ever so brilliantly left sitting in a bag on my mother's kitchen table when I left an hour ago.  Cause you know, I am so damn cool. 

Speaking of the whole liquidation sale... I got there nearly a half hour before opening and there was already a line up down the parking lot.   I ended up squeezed between a guy who kept telling us not to touch the video games cause that is what he was there for, and the hairdresser who just moved into the building next door who ironically was bald.