Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/14/2011 9:42am

Wake up check the emails and find out that the video channel you use on your blog has had some sort of melt down.   all the videos seem to be missing.

Not going to think about it. That will cause unneeded stress. 

We're at Wednesday... where did the week go?  Laundry day which is a good thing.
Dirty Laundry seems to be a major theme in my life. 

And for some reason, the status of TNA wrestlers hair.   Let's face it, I got that name for myself for being the nag who talked about Chris Sabin's hair for what...nearly two years straight I think. And I make two little comments about Eric Young's beard and my damned stats are threw through throu through the roof {yes not on the ball today}  with people searching for    eric young beard     like there is a cult of TNA fans on the planet or something that are wanting to know about it.   Oh, the beard has it's own following that's it isn't it?  Are fans going to show up at shows with pro or anti beard signs?  That would be ... pointless. 

But yeah it's one of those mornings here, chilly with a overcast of smoke from yet another forest fire in the area, I haven't had a coffee since 4pm yesterday afternoon because I am trying to cut as much coffee out of my diet as possible and failing at it like a junkie always does.

Now, time to get the laundry together and find something to wear and off for coffee. 

{this would have been a great spot to have put a photo of some dirty clothes or something but instead I will add this...}
Me, in my apron 3 months ago.