Sunday, September 11, 2011

TNA PPV Results

I used screen capture for this post

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!!!   I was able to see a ppv!!  Damn it Janet!   

So this was TNA-Impact 's No Surrender   and let me say that I was disappointed by the fact there was only 2 X-Division matches, and the Tag Team match left much to be desired.

#1- X Division match for the #1 Contender between Kid Kash and Jesse Sorensen.    Sorensen got the win, having only mildly shown in this match what he can do.  Frankly, we've seen better from him on episodes of Impact in the last few weeks.

#2- BFG match.    James Storm vs Bully Ray.   The fact was Mr. Storm had to win by a submission for it to matter.      Bully Ray got the win on this one by a DQ.     Good length on this match with excellent submissions repeatedly from Mr. Storm.  There is some underlining possible feud-storyline here.

#3- Knockouts title match.   Winter vs Mickie James.    Winter used the bloodbath to get the win.   You know, I have my options on the whole women's division, but I actually found myself nodding in approval when I saw Winter becoming the new women's champ.  I've always said Winter is the Season of the Vampire,  I guess TNA would agree with me on that.

#4- Tag Team match for the titles.   Pope/Devon vs Mexican America.    MA got the win and kept their titles.     I was so let down by this tag match, not too mention it was the only tag match of the ppv.  There was no heat to it, and it just seemed to be filer.   P.S.   Pope, I'm still waiting for someone in the X-Division to steal me your trenchcoat.

#5- Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan the evil druid.   This was a straight up grudge match.  I was sad to see that Morgan did not come out in his druid robe, I very much miss that fashion statement.   Morgan got the win on this one putting a cap on the crazy Joe angle. 

#6- BFG Match - Winner must get a submission to win.    Gunner vs Robert Roode.    Roode got the win by way of a tap out.   I would say this was the longest match of the night, and it lived up to it's expectations. Very impressed, and hope to see a future feud between these two.

#7- X Division title match.   Brian Kendrick vs Austin Aries.  Mr. Aries won becoming the new champ.  He showed some extremely impressive moves in this, and proved why he held the title so long in the last company he was in.   I have to admit, this single match was the whole reason I ordered the ppv tonight and I was slightly torn as to who I wanted to see get the win.  But I do have a bit of a drool on for Aries {as does it would seem many of the females in my family}

#8- BFG #1 contenders match.    Bully Ray vs Robert Roode.   this was a scorching match that saw Roode come out on top, winning the #1 contenders spot.  He will be main eventing the next ppv and here's hoping he wins that too.

#9- Main Event - 3 way for the TNA title.   Sting vs Angle  vs Anderson.    Angle managed to slither his way to a win keeping the title. Mostly because Hogan got in the mix with a spraycan of some sort and got Sting in the face.   

All in all, it was a decent ppv. The length of the matches were longer then I was expecting but not as long as I would hope for.  
And I was thinking there would be one more X-Division match or one more Tag Team match but sadly there was not.