Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pastry and heels

Yesterday, was one of those days with nothing on tv.  Mom was desperate enough for something to watch that she had me order a movie on demand.  Sweet.
Too bad they only had 20 titles to choose from.  I talked her then into a documentary.  It was either that or a kids movie as, and I've said it before, mom has a bit of a movie phobia to put it nicely.  She hates bad language, nudity, violence and any kind of mature theme.  I've seen more kids movies in the last four months renting for mom then I ever did when I was a kid.
Anyways, we rented from Shaw on Demand - Kings of Pastry - which is a documentary that follows three pastry chefs as they try to win their strips. 

I was spellbound.  The beauty and detail that went into some of their creations.  Who would have thought that you would need to know how to blow glass and weld in order to bake a wedding cake?   The sad part was, the entire time we were watching this, both of us turned to each other and said "Uncle B.  could never do anything like this.  He's too uptight."   
My mom's youngest brother is a chef. 

and the heels...
We were flipping channels and watched episode 1 of  Running in Heels.   I know this show is from two years ago, but it's one of those "new to you" shows.   Another documentary-reality show, this one about a group of interns in the fashion world.  
I love that sort of stuff.

Kind of odd that the two elements when you think about it flowed nicely together.  The cake sculptures were fashionable works of art and the fashion show showed the mix of fear and beauty.