Monday, September 5, 2011

9/5/2011 8:17am

Dear Spudguns:

It's fall.
Not officially for another two weeks, but Thunder Bay doesn't know that.  
Seriously, I am sitting here now, typing in my ICP hoodie tempted to put on gloves. 
Saw the movie Jennifer's Body  last night.  Will have to sit down later and do a review for the vampire blog.  It was one of the few vampire films I had not seen.
Debating if I should just keep it or return it to blockbuster...with them closing, I'm going to be working out that credit card trying to scrap up as many of the vampire films in their store that I can get my hands on. 
I suppose if you want to look at it from a Forrest J Ackerman   point of view, it will be a wicked time for the collectors in the area such as myself.
Which as I type that, realize with the internet it's actually a mute point. 
I also see that the very famous blog by Julie Powell has been removed.  I suppose that Salon blogs finally gave up the ghost then Eh?   I know for awhile it was one of the few blogs that were still up on their site.  Which is sad really as she was a trendsetter.
Trendsetters, I think that might be the theme for the post.
Anyways Spudguns, time to get moving for the day.  Go hunt down a cup of coffee.

Love Ardeth Blood