Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Supper time 9/7/2011

Dear Spudguns:

Been a long day.  We hit another hot one with a +28c with a +33c humidex.   I really hate days like this.  I'd much rather be able to add clothes and be slightly comfortable, at lest when I'm cold I'm able to think still.

Tomorrow, early doctor's appointment.  Should be - I hope- the last follow up for this foot/ankle issue.  The bad of it is my right knee all day today has been acting up.  Just what I need, another injury ontop of what I already have.  I rock don't I?

Anyone keeping up with my reading adventures,  I have 3 books sort of on the go.  1 - Sense and Sensibility  {for book club's October selection}    2-  Under the Tuscan Sun        3- Life on the Line
Both books #2 and #3  are memoirs/biographies.

I did get to see last night finally,  the Impact-TNA episode for last week. {Aug 1st 2011 episode}  and all I have to say is ... Eric Young dude, why were you bench pressing a bench in your underwear? Did you forget your tights or was it just laundry day?  And what is it with men and beards? 

This is me, running on empty tonight. 

Love Ardeth Blood