Friday, September 16, 2011

Low Front

And it's why I look like the wicked witch this morning.  All bundled up in my ICP hoodie and my winter pajamas. 

Yes, finally, we've broken that damned heatwave that we've had for the last few weeks.  Thunder Bay actually went to -4c overnight last night.  There is frost on things outside.  FROST.   The good kind, the weather kind that makes pretty little sparkly designs on the windows and such;  not the evil kind of frost{ing} that people put on cakes that are too sweet to eat.

I am much happier when the weather is cooler. Much happier. 

So I am seeing all over the internet about Triple H's latest movie.  People calling it his second.  They are forgetting that he worked in Blade 3- Trinity as  vampire Jarko along with Callum Keith Rennie who played the vampire Ash {yes I realize Triple H has actually acted more then that but the vampire movie is the only one I want to care about so deal} And since when are ppvs considered "tv movies" ?  I'd like to know - IMDb huh?

Speaking of vampires at 8:40am... well, that's just me isn't it... speaking of vampires at all times really.
To quote Anne Rice once again  "winter is the season of the vampire"   - which I believe was in Memnoch the Devil. Been nearly twenty years since I read the book, the quote might even be from Tale of the Body Thief     which was book 4 in her Chronicles.