Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are we playing it safe?

I can honestly say, I have never played it safe when it has come to love/lust. 
Anyone of you my dear Spudguns, who's read any of this blog or my other blogs over the last 7 years can without a doubt agree with me on that statement.

So then why is it, that all the self help books and authors and magazine articles out there have always been on the side of playing it safe?  Take a minute to check my facts... I'll wait.

Over 90% of the stuff out there tells women to not be too loud, not be too out there, not to be too expressive towards the man they are wanting, but to somehow still "be ourselves".   HOW?  I ask you, how can we be less then who we are and still be ourselves?
Men, you can take this theory upon yourselves too, as I know you guys are always told to man up and not be a pussy.

I've had more then a few people in the last two years tell me I'm off my crackers when I say, I know it's my voice that's going to snag a guy not my looks.  And, no I'm not down playing my looks at all.  I know something I say or write will be what grabs the attention of the right guy.  I have just always known this.  I honestly thought growing up I'd end up writing a killer book or working at a magazine/newspaper and that would do it, but now I'm thinking it's going to be my blogging
Simply because that's when I am my most honest and unflustered.

And Spudguns, you are thinking "what has got into her this morning?"  Well, everything actually.  Simply everything.  There was a conversation with one of my cousins about how little response to stuff I've gotten since I changed my attitude and have become "nicer" in the last few months.  P.S., she just finished reading "Why Men Love Bitches"  so I know where her point of view is coming from.
But, I started to think about that, and yes it really got under my skin.  She's half way right. Which is the worst part of it.
I've gone back over a few things, blog wise, and since I've toned down, I've fallen off the radar of a few people. Why is that? 
Is the only way to be noticed to be a Heel around here?