Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday nearly 10am

Okay my Spudguns,  yes I'm feeling low today.  Part because of what I said in the last post, and part because I'm sick.
I used to never get sick.  Mostly because with the O.I.;  I was broken all the time and never around anyone to get sick.  Now, it seems I've got a cold every time I turn around.

Anyways,  I'm reading - trying to read this week as my cold is leaving me muddled- a book of review that centers around a lady and her recipe book. The whole reason I agreed to review the book. 
And I know I've talked about it earlier in the week on one or more of my other blogs, but it's got me thinking about recipe books.  I'm not talking cookbooks that you buy, but the ones you create yourself that sometimes gets handed down from your aunt/grandma/uncle etc 
And I asked the question,  which no one has bothered to reply to on the other blogs,  "how do you do yours?"  Do you make them like scrapbooks?  Do you have a box of recipe cards? Are they all typed out?  Are they handwritten? 
Mine is all the above.  I have a recipe box and I have a recipe scrapbook.  Both typed and handwritten.

When I started the book club last year,  one of the things I was hoping would happen was a side theme. Getting together for the book club once a month and doing a lunch/coffee/dinner etc and exchanging recipes. 
That never happened. 

I'm just feeling all the disappointments right now.  It's got me thinking out loud again on here.  And there are a ton of projects I want to do creatively, but need at lest one other person to pull off. 

Okay what am I blabbling on about.... right the recipe books.... how do you do yours?