Friday, March 4, 2011

It's the Thank Yous

As a reviewer, you have no time for much of anything if you want to make deadline, you are lucky if the press agents send you single emails instead of mass group ones to all the bloggers/press people, and totally hit the gold if they remember your name.

I've wondered lately if I should keep going after my current stack of books are done, as I do not get paid for this.  I get the books for free but I'm one of hundreds who do not get paid for the hours we put into it.
I missed out on two author interviews in the last few months, because of missed deadlines.

I started doing this to get my foot in the door myself for my own writing career, but sadly, that has not gone as I was thinking it would. Mostly because of the above statement and because I deal with a different intern every two months.

I was seriously wondering about it all, then tonight something nice happened.  The one thing that is rare but makes weeks like this worth it.   A personal thank you from the authors. 
And let me break it down for you,  there are two thank yous that you can get.   A generic "Glad you loved my book"  which means they never read what you had to say about them.  and the real deal.  Like tonight.  I got a paragraph long thank you from Jill Mansell for the review I did on her book "Staying at Daisy's".  A very personal thank you.  I'm still smiling.