Monday, March 28, 2011

Lights out in the Library part 5

Another chunk of my short story.  You can find part one here,   part two here, part three here, and part four here.  Okay so it's turned into a series.


"Could be anything down here..." Galvin snorted  "Trap doors, lost treasure, dead bodies." 

"Okay I'm so taking away your Goonies dvd. " Lyell replied as he continued to snicker at his younger brother.  "Dude, you are starting to stink. You need to wash that the second you get home."

"I know. Good thing I don't have a hot date or anything."

"Yeah. No kidding. Hey, look at this."  Lyell moved around a large stack of folding chairs towards a mirror that was covered in drawings.  "You were the art major, any idea what these mean?"  Galvin limped over to where he was and leaned in over his shoulder.  Lyell twitched knocking his brother's chin off his left shoulder, not once but twice before reaching out to run his pale fingers over the wooden frame of it.  "Ow!" he pulled away, his hand bleeding. The mirror started to slide from it's hinge, both men scrambling to catch it.

"And there goes my shoulder." Galvin held his left shoulder now too. "You're secretly trying to kill me aren't you? I knew it. Mom always loved you best."

"And you just figuring that out now?  So any idea what those designs are?"

"They're ruinic." a female voice said from the doorway.  Both men turned to see Hermia standing a few feet away from them. "You two make really noisy detectives. I could hear you down the hall."

"We got locked in."  Lyell said flatly. "Thought you might have a key or something."

"No key.  Back door's this way."  Her eyes then went to slits. "Crap, you're bleeding. Damn it! Come here let me clean you up. NOW!"
Part 6 soon