Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That was so Epic

So it's one of those nights when I'm just trying to break out of my insane ramblings   routine.  Which always brings me to Youtube.  for old old music videos from twenty/thirty years ago.
Friend of mine always sends me these links for youtubes for hours worth of crap   informative vids on UFOs and conspiracy theories, which is her thing.  Not mine.
I want only stuff with true grit man! Oh yes.  Music!  Lots and lots of loud noisy sounds that we used to see on heavy rotation years ago on, wait for it;  MuchMusic when it still played ... music.
And where did my Epic journey take me tonight you might ask. Well, you filthy little sheep mongers, it brought me Right Round to a video by Faith No More and Dead or Alive. 
You gooberfests.
Did it help you're wanting to know? Did I; your great and loved Heavy Metal Goddess, your picture perfect caffeinated lust-bunny, also known to a singularly few X-Division guys as the naughty librarian,  Lady Lestat; actually manage to break out of my mind numbing routine?
No.  Not in the slightest.