Monday, March 7, 2011

National Cereal Day

Or so I keep hearing around the internet today.  
Spudguns!!!!!   you remember few months ago I bought that uber bag of Silly Circles ....

Well I thought since it's National Cereal Day, I would give you a photo update on the remainder of it. You see where my thumb is on the one, yeah that's how much I still have left.  Just under half the bag still. Told you it would take me all winter to eat that. 

Honestly, I have to say this, I don't understand how people eat just this sugar coated crap  processed stuff; seriously now, you're hungrier when you're finished because your mouth did all the work and your tummy got nothing for it  much like oral sex. less of course the guy fails to warn you  Oh shut up, you were all thinking it too don't play innocent on me this late in the game.  May I remind you I am NOT child friendly.