Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Om Lesson

I subscribe to the Daily Om.   It's the first thing I ever subscribed to on the internet when I first got the internet years ago.

Today's lesson is how we as a society have over used the words "I'm Sorry"  to the point they are being used either wrongly or to the point of them not meaning anything anymore.
The lesson asks us to count up in the course of a day how often we say it, and when. 

I decided to do this today. 
I found myself saying "I'm Sorry" every few minutes when I was out. The only place I went today was my mother's. 
So in the course of the ten minutes it took me to get there, I said "I'm Sorry" three times to people I was walking past on the street simply because I was on the sidewalk and they weren't moving over.
I said I was sorry to the lady who was standing outside my mother's building having a cigarette as I reached for the buzzer.
I said I was sorry to the guy in the laundry room who was just waiting around for his laundry when I took the basket of laundry down for mom.
I said I was sorry to the cleaners who were vacuuming the hallway in front of my mother's apartment when I came down the hall.  Okay that time I had muddy winter boots.

That's 6 times today.  If I had stopped to think, it should have been "Excuse Me."  and not I'm Sorry.

I've done, just what the Daily Om Lesson today was expressing.  We, as a society, take the blame for stuff that isn't needing blame. And this in turn, belittles ourselves.

The rest of the Daily Om Lesson talked about discovering what it is about ourselves that makes us feel we need to give up personal power like this.  
Saying "I'm Sorry"  when we've done nothing wrong like this, is the same as saying that we have no right to be where we are. 

I never thought about that before you know.