Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Book

I'm doing a bad thing.  Taking time to read for fun and not for work.  Which is why it's fitting that what I am reading would be Jay Rayner's  The man who ate the world    about his trips to the biggest food cities that he took few years ago for the sake of taking the trips, and not for his job as a food critic. 

I only picked this up Monday night, and am nearly finished it.   I bought it last month and it's been sitting there taunting me, like an X Division tag team.... oh shut up, you knew full well I always think food and wrestling in everything you knew it was coming so just yeah... 

But that's actually very fitting, as I just read a page where the author was describing his addiction to food blogs the same way you would a internet porn site. 

The whole reason I gave in right now and let this one be the book de jour,  was because of my cold.  I knew full well I was too zombied to have anything important sink in reading wise.  So, therefore, a book for review was out of the question.
But a book for the hell of it... one that makes even the idea of fondue and escargot in garlic butter sound perfectly naughty.    And I'm a vegetarian.