Thursday, March 3, 2011

And in this corner Eric Young

I used screen capture for this post

Last week's episode (Feb 24 2011) of TNA Impact  had one highlight.  The silliness of Eric Young. 
Okay so I fast forwarded through 90% of last week's Impact. 
Why doesn't Eric Young have his own show?   I'm serious here.  And he broke out the Canadian shorts midway through his "match" which was a happy few seconds for me.  EY is still on my list of Canadian celebrities I would love to meet.
I keep hearing the announcers say how crazy Mr. Yummy... er Mr Young is.  Well, um dude he's Canadian, a Canadian that needs to come back to Canada and sit in the snow for a bit cause he's looking too tanned, but a Canadian none the less. And we're known for our funny.