Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lights out in the Library part 6

  The next piece of my blog story.  Part five can be found here
"Yes mom."  Lyell said under his breath as the two men followed her into the office.  Galvin noticed on Hermina's desk, a bunch of talismans. 

"Where you get that?"  he said reaching for a large onyx set in a silver charm. It was shaped like two snakes weaved together around the stone.

"Don't touch anything." Hermina said grabbing his wrist before the dark haired male could pick it up.  The two stopped moving as a strange blue bolt of electricity shocked them both.  Riggs put down the files he was reading few feet away at his own desk moving towards them.

"Honey you alright?" his voice took on a tone of concern.  "Hermina? Doll?" 

She let out a breath as if she'd been gulping for air as she moved away from both Galvin and the talisman. Both were clutching at their throats, coughing.  Galvin leaned over his hands on his knees spitting up what looked like sea water.  "You're a witch!"  She took another step away from him.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Lyell asked, his hand still bleeding in a crimson stream down his arm. Riggs sighed as he spotted this moving around to a small first aid kit that was hanging on a hook. "You're the ones with all the voodoo and the weird books."  He eyed his brother who was still spitting up the sea water. "Galvin? You okay man?" Lyell pushed his glasses up a bit as his younger brother nodded.  Galvin still looking at the floor.

"I'm talking about you being a witch.  That wasn't normal.  What just happened here."  Hermina's voice started to shake as she pointed first to Galvin then to the talisman.  "What the hell was that? What did you just open?"
Galvin shook his head but said nothing biting his bottom lip.  He stumbled a half step backwards shaking his head again.

"It was just the one time.  Not even serious you know.  Total joke."  his voice was raw from having been coughing.

"Stay away from me." Hermina moved away from him leaving the room.  They heard her on the stairs a moment later heading back up to the library.

"Dude. What's all this about?"  Lyell asked now worried he was the only sane person around.

"Remember few months ago, that weird chick I was dating. The one with the hair." he gestured to his skull.

"The one with the hippy braids?"

"Right that one.  She had this book on spells and stuff."  he started to gesture again his pale hands going everywhere.  "And I was waiting for her one night bored cause she was taking too long to do her hair, and well..."

"You read one of the spells out loud."  Riggs's voice broke in matter of factly.

"I...I...I read one of the spells out loud. Yes. But I didn't mean it. Totally a joke cause this stuff isn't re..real."

"Stupid arse." Riggs shook his head as he finished bandaging up Lyell's hand.  "Wither you believe in it or not, it is real. And it's real because other people have put their belief into it. Given it energy. Do you remember what the spell was? or the book?" 

The younger man pointed towards the snake shaped talisman. "It looked like that. The drawing in the book which is why I wanted to pick it up." 

"They're gone love." Riggs' voice was a hush as he moved around the darkened library a few minutes later. He moved towards his wife, his shoes on the rug the only sound.

"Uhuh." the sound came from her in disgust as she continued to look out into the city street, her arms crossed under her chest, watching a few late night students as they ran back across the campus.  She caught sight of both Galvin and Lyell as they were leaving the building.  "Who would have thought. A witch."

"Not what you were expecting?" you could hear the hurt and disappointment as he took another half step towards her wanting to just hold her.

"No not what I was expecting." she nodded towards the window, turning slightly towards the large Irish man. "Come on there is nothing else we can do tonight. We just have to wait for them to come back. And trust me, they're  curious enough that they will be back."

"You going to tell me what you two experienced just now?"

"You won't like what I have to say."

"How about you tell me anyway."
Lyell tossed his keys onto the kitchen table as the two brothers entered their apartment.  Crossing to the fridge he got himself a beer.  Galvin already heading to the shower to get the mystery liquid off him.
"Explain tonight to me."  the older brother said a half hour later when Galvin entered the kitchen grabbing a beer himself.  He gestured with his hand that he had no idea what was going on.  Without saying anything, Galvin went to the little desk the two shared in the corner of their living room, and turned on the laptop.  His pale strong fingers sped across the keyboard as he went to a website for occult books.   "You were puking up water, as if you had been drowning.  That's not normal. And and and the .... the the electricity...I saw that! It past right between you two."  He was now leaning over his younger brother's shoulder one hand on the back of his chair the other on the edge of the desk. "What the hell happened back there? Between you two?"

"As soon as I figure it out, I'll tell you."  he clicked on a book on the website.  "This was the book that I read the spell from."     

"Portals and Gateways."  both males said out loud at the same time.  Galvin fished his cell phone out of his messengers bag and dialed the book store.  Within five minutes he had his jacket on again and heading out to the store to pick up a copy.  
The dark haired male sat slumped on a bench in the laundromat a few buildings away from the book store.  He hadn't wanted to wait to get home to read it and had ducked in the building.  The buzzing of the machines seemed to get louder by the second as his chocolate brown eyes skimmed the pages of the chapter that he had read from.  He nearly jumped out of his skin when his cell phone went off.  Digging into the pocket of his jeans he answered it.  "Hello...yeah. No I got it. I'm in some all night laundromat not that far... um yeah yeah. There's a ..."  he got up and wandered back outside to the street checking to see what was in the area.  "... there's a grocery and a deli, and looks like a flower shop across the street. No street sign though.  I'm on the side street from the book store. Only two places that are open are the grocery and the laundry.... Ford street? Yeah I'm on my way."  he hung up heading for the coffee shop three blocks away.

Part 7 soon