Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hack Hack

Monday was a fairly decent day so I went to mom's to watch the NXT and Smackdown from the weekend that she had taped for me. No, I haven't done a write up for them this week.  I started getting a bit of a sore throat out of nowhere. 
Yesterday, full blown cough. All I could think was soup and potato chips.  I was craving, literally craving salt because of my scratchy throat.  I am not a fan of salt at all, and always only use half of what a recipe calls for when it calls for salt and never add any extra.  I always cook with other spices.  So for me to be craving salty foods,  I knew I was getting sick.
Today, I have no almost no voice.  I hate that.  I am a talker. No voice not a good thing at all in my world.

Oh and there is this one guy at the grocery who I just want to strangle. The Lemon Zest stock boy.  I've talked about this dude few times before. I was in the grocery yesterday getting veggies for the soup, and it was nearly empty. Dead quiet for once. I was about the only one in the produce area, and he was the only one on the floor in general at that time. I knew what I was looking for, was standing in front of the carrots, bagged garlic already in my basket, when he yelled across the damned place if I needed anything.  This is the same guy who last month, when I asked for the unwaxed lemons did not understand what I was asking for, and again last week, when I once again went looking for unwaxed lemons, he started to peel them telling me just to chop them up.  Peeling and zesting are a bit different.  He's getting under my last nerve, I may have to suplex him.