Monday, March 28, 2011

Ardeth the Vampire Detective

I was on my way to mom's around lunch time.   The plan was to make strawberry jam.  Which we did.
And I bumped into this guy who I knew back in high school over 20 years ago.  He has not changed, gotten taller but otherwise he looked just like he did in grade 10 back in 1990.
I do not look anything like I did back then, thank god, but he recognized me because of my Vampiro tee.
When he knew me, I had a different stage name.  Anyway, he pointed to the shirt and asked if I was still into all that, if I was still the Vampire Detective ?
I almost said yes, just out of habit but had to say no.  I was very distracted by the fact he did not have a wedding ring on his hand, and last I heard in the rumour mill was that he was married. 

But all that got me thinking, about my life when things were ... more innocent. 
We're talking before the internet, before there was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv show, before there was the millions of books on the topic of vampires, and Anne Rice had only done 3 books in her Vampire Chronicles.
I was like this walking talking breathing vampire encyclopedia. If you wanted to know what vampire movie was located at what rental place in town, I was your go to librarian.  If you wanted to know which record store could order you which vhs copy of which vampire movie, I was your girl.  If you wanted to know when the latest issue of Fangoria was due and which comic store in town carried it, I was it baby. 

When did that all change?  Simple, when the world suddenly became like living in the movie Johnny Mnemonic.  Yes, the internet took my purpose.  But no point in crying over spilled milkshakes.

So, there's me today, sitting around my mother's waiting for the blood red strawberry jam to be done, reading for review "Demons are a Girl's Best Friend"    thinking about one thing.    The Rick Springfield version of Nick Knight.   The original tv movie from 1989 that spawned the fabulous series Forever Knight.  I just could not wait to get home and pop it into the DVD player.  
Not taking a thing away from Nigel Bennett who made the character of Lacroix famous in the tv series, but I always thought Michael Nader who played the character first in the movie one hell of a vampire. 
They just don't write them that good ... um nasty... any more.