Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can I cry now?

Left bread out to make a bread pudding. 
Which I was suppose to be making at mom's.  Forgot the bread on the kitchen table when I left. Got to mom's, my key wasn't working and she was gone already for an appointment. Luckily a neighbour who remembered me let me in the building.
Forgot I was suppose to pick up a milk for mom. Had to go to grocery, picked up milk and a bread for the pudding.  I picked up rye instead of white. 
Tried to watch replay of last night's WWE Raw, only kept getting interrupted by phone and neighbours.
Bread pudding was suppose to cook for 1 hour.  After the 1 hour it still was not done.  Put it back on for another half hour.  Still not done and sticking to the pot.  2 hour mark, mom got back and was in a bad mood.  Bread pudding was mush. Had to throw it all out.  And I think I might have burned mom's pudding bag.  Not sure, will find out tomorrow when I go back there after it's been cleaned.
Get home and when I went to turn on the lights, the bulb blew.  I'm out of light bulbs.
Sister had a typing test to see her typing speed which went horribly part to the fact her ex-best friend was working in the office of the testing building. Sister is in bad mood which put mom in bad mood.
What gets me is that I've made a Newfie Bread Pudding a bunch of times at home and it's always turned out perfect, the first time I made it for other people and it just did not work.
It's like crazy bad mojo today.