Saturday, December 25, 2010

I survived dinner

Actually, by the time I got there, their company had left and it was just us- sister, brother in law, mom, Uncle and me- So it was a semi quiet evening. 

We ate way too much - laughed, argued, teased and did I mention ate way too much. 

My brother in law and I have the same personality.  Scary I know.  While my sister sat there talking to mom and Uncle, I sat there talking with my brother in law J. about movies, cooking and coffee.  I find it funny as hell that the kitchen is his.  My sister would rather go out for dinner or order take-away and J. would rather spend hours after work cooking. 

Seriously,  the two of us were just weirdly giddy over the "How to Make Curry"  cookbook his mother sent him, talking about a new Thai restaurant that opened up a block from his work; that he took my sister to for supper last night.  I have to get my sister to go with me one day for lunch.

I mentioned to my sister about the cookbooks I'm getting next for review- finally I know eh?- and that I'm going to need back up on that cause I need to do more then three recipes per cookbook (you have to see how difficult the recipes are, if they are ones that ingredients are easy to find etc) and since I am a vegetarian, I'll need someone to taste the meat dishes.  J. heard me and was like "I'll help I'll help"  I might have to fight him to keep my cookbooks when I get them for review. 

My sister was all "I'll do the deserts but he's the cook."   So it should be interesting. The more I get to know my brother in law, the more I see he's a good match for Ninja.  Just the fact he's gotten her to sit thought Star Trek is beyond amazing.  I've been at her for years to watch Star Trek with me and she never would.