Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Views on TNA Reaction for Dec 9th 2010

For the person who asked if I was going to do a TNA review again here you go....

Cut to camera 1, Mr. Anderson talking about how and why he chose to be the ref for Morgan at the ppv. Letting everyone know how he feels about Bishoff's latest mucking around.

Cut to camera 2, and we have Morgan talking about how Bishoff is screwing around with the matches.

Cut back to camera 1, Mr. Anderson talking about the state of his health.

Cut to camera 3, Devon talking about how Brother Ray has disrespected him and the history of Team 3D.

Cut to camera 4, Brother Ray's response to what Devon had said.

Cut back to camera 3, Devon again with his side of the story.  The cameras went back and forth between the two of them for the majority of the segment.

Cut to camera 5, James Storm talking about having made it back to the number one contenders spot for the tag belts.   Okay my Spudguns,  you all know I love James Storm but I'm going on record right now asking what the hell is he going on about?  Talking about Gunner and Murphy being as good as Beer Money Inc?  Dude you lost me on that conversation.

Cut to camera 6, Murphy talking about how the MotorCityMachine Guns! took the nightsticks and used them before Gunner and Murphy could.  Was I the only one who laughed at that part of the match cause.... okay so I've got a evil side too.

Cut back to camera 5, James Storm continues on about the MMG and that particular match and how he does not agree with what the MMG did. 

Cut to camera 7, Chris Sabin talking about the match and then we saw Alex Shelley spit. dude.

Cut back to camera 5, James Storm talking about his social life. Um okay...

Cut back to camera 7, Alex Shelley talking about how they are only seen in one way as X-Division guys.  Well, isn't that what you two made your calling card?  Am I completely wrong or are you two guys one of the main reasons the division is so strong? 

Cut to camera 8, Mickie James and Tara feud being recapped.

Cut to camera 9. Pope talking about the fans. And his new direction.

Cut to camera 10, Douglas Williams talking about his win over A.J. Styles for the belt.

Cut to camera 11, A. J. Styles giving his side of the story and admitting that it was little embarrassing that he lost to his own move.  The next few minutes went back and forth between Styles and Williams talking about their feud/the Fortune feud.

The last few minutes of the show was a wrap up with quick soundbites from everyone and seeing Jeff Jarrett have a small freak out.