Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gentle with him

Boxing Week Sales are so much fun.  
Blockbuster had a buy 2 get 1 free.   I got previewed copy of Lost Boys 3, Nightmare on Elm Rebooted, and Suck.
I'm checking out and the guy is like  "Oh you're into vampires?" 

Me: "I've got a larger vampire collection then even this store does."

Blockbuster Employee : "You waiting for the latest Twilight then? There's going to be a boxed set with the last two."

Me: "Oh god no, I'm a real vampire fan"

Angie the Manager leans over with this evil smirk on her face : "Be gentle with the new guy he only started yesterday."

Me: "I thought I smelled  fresh meat.  Sorry Angie, sorry  dude didn't mean to be biting your head off."

Okay, you know me; I totally meant to be biting his head off.  Remember, I leave bite marks.
I actually have an old tee shirt somewhere with that catch phrase on it, must try to find what I did with it.