Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday 8pm Dec 8th

Okay,  took a short break from the book reviews, yes still reading "Winter Sea" by Susanna Kearsley.  
But, I did finally catch last week's WWE Smackdown.   I did a short "highlights" for it on the wrestling blog. 
Wrestling reviews for the next few months will be scattered as I still have 11 large books to get through for review,  and given I don't have cable; I still have to go to mother's to watch Raw/Smackdown/NXT. 
and with it being winter I don't always get to see every episode cause I don't get out often... Speaking of NXT,  season 4 started this week.  Canada will be getting it on the Score on Wednesdays. 

As always, the WWE stuff is on my wrestling blog only.