Sunday, December 26, 2010

What was your best and worst of 2010?

Every year, we look back over things and take stock.  Some of the good, some of the bad.  We make resolutions for the up coming year, and hope that it turns out better.

I had more then a few bad spots this year.  More then I want to think about or even count. 
But, unlike most of the last couple of years, I did have a few bright spots. 

My bad days were filled with MRI's, doctor's appointments, back injuries, and finding out I had trusted the wrong business partner again.

My good days were filled with meeting a documentary film crew (Break Through the Movie), taking part in a spiritual group, being noticed by the two major wrestling companies (quoted on NXT season 2, mocked and yelled at by the other and having elements from a short story as inspiration for 30 seconds of skit) getting to interview 4 author's and a food critic.

Actually my Spudguns,  if pissing off whomever it was at TNA that I did, that ended up getting my short story "He's Haunting Me"  ripped apart for Abyss's side of beef then tell me what I need to do to get them to use me again? 
I would/will be more then happy to be the MotorCityMachine Guns! little writing monkey. Gladly.

The X-Division and the MMG specially, have inspired me so much in the last few years.

So my Spudguns, what was my biggest high spot of 2010?  

As silly as this might sound,  having one of the people at the spiritual group point out to me that I was one of  the First Women doing wrestling commentary on the internet. (possibly even the First) Even though I am just a fan and not a proper sports reporter.  When they told me they thought I was brave for jumping in there and doing something that wasn't a usual thing for a women to be doing, I can not begin to tell you how good I felt about myself.  (I know there are female sports reporters who work for the big magazines who do this - but I'm talking about just the internet here)
I've never been one to take large chances.  My having  O.I. has dictated how my life would roll; and my writing/voice really is all I've had that's been mine. So, even when I got myself yelled at, and mocked by my celebrity Spudguns;  I was loving every second of it this past year.

I think I have proven that a love/hate relationship can be good for business.... You love me don't lie about it, you adore me and my creepiness! Lily Munster ain't got nothing on me. you dream of me and my ability to make omelettes and can't get through a day without thinking of me. You're thinking things like "I wonder what Ardeth is doing right now? Is she wearing that same old grey MMG t-shirt again? Did she actually get to do laundry this week? Has she gotten over her fear of bars yet? Has she learned the difference yet between a hammerlock and a wrist lock?"  Face it, I make you smile and smirk.

So what do I hope 2011 brings into my life?

I hope that my writing career gets the right boost it needs, including an editor.  I hope that the mysterious guy (The ONE) who for most of the year caused my right side to itch (Omens post) reveals himself. I hope that my cooking continues to improve. I hope that I finally land an interview with a wrestler (Mr. Sabin how many years are you going to make me beg?) and that my bloggy-blogs continue to connect me to you- my Spudguns.

So Spudguns.... What were your 2010 highs/lows and what do you hope for 2011?

I'll see you in 2011