Monday, December 6, 2010

The Justice card

The Justice card is one of duality.  Karma, truth, law, setting things right after a wrong, balance and inner strength.

Normally, it's designed with a more traditional ideal of law, the lady with the scales who weighs the situation. A card that can indeed mean a law suite or a return of energy.  A card that many cringe when they get.  They forget that it does indeed represent balance of oneself as well as the outer world.  A card connected to the zodiac of Libra.

(This card is from the Jane Austen Tarot Deck)
I've been getting this card a fair bit in the last few weeks, trying to find where it fits into my life. Like most people focusing on the image of the usual design.  It wasn't until it appeared again today with another deck, the Jane Austen Tarot, which has a completely different design, that I got what it was trying to tell me. 


Many will find this card popping up this time of year, as we overwork ourselves trying to make deadlines, maybe spending too much on gifts and eating/drinking too much at parties.  The Justice card (along with Temperance the ultimate balance card) reminds you that karma of all kinds is not just a fact, but for many instant.  While you're putting out into the world on a material level, don't forget to give yourself on an emotional one too.  That old saying about you can not take care of others till you've taken care of yourself is a strong message with the Justice card.

But again, the Justice card is one of karma.  Not just your own.