Monday, December 20, 2010

What I thought about TNA Reaction for Dec 16th 2010

Cut to camera 1, Hardy talking about how he's the "thing" in TNA

Cut to camera 2, A.J. Styles talking about how Fortune is not to be trifled with.

Cut to camera 3, Mr. Anderson saying that he feels much the way many of us fans feel.  Me at the top of that list.

Cut back to camera 2, Styles saying how he can switch it up to meet anybody else's style of wrestling.

Cut to camera 4, Robert Roode giving a soundbite on getting the belts back.

Cut then to camera 5, Rayne saying how her team will get the women's gold.

Cut to camera 6, Kazarian declaring himself the next X-Champ ... who now that I have started to actually type out his name instead of calling him simply Kaz, has started to refer to himself as just Kaz.   And they say us women change our minds all the time.  DUDE!

Cut back to camera 1, Hardy proving he should not be allowed to talk.

Cut back to camera 3, Mr. Anderson discussing the state of the talent in all of the business in every company.

Cut to camera 7, Matt Morgan the evil druid talking about how he has not lost his focus even with all the bulldren that is being pumped around him.  Morgan, dreamboards are good, but mindmovies work slightly faster. 

Cut back to camera 3 again, Mr. Anderson down playing his skull injury.  They keep showing the footage of him being sewn up, and dude it looked like you had another mouth or something you were split so much.

Cut back to camera 7, Morgan again saying that he'll do whatever he needs to; to get to the title.

Cut back to camera 2, Styles again talking about himself. Leaning into the camera to close the gap making it feel like a very intimate secret was a nice touch.

Cut to camera 8, Douglas Williams side of the story.  It went back and forth for a few minutes between Williams and Styles.

Cut to camera 9, MotorCityMachine Guns! and Chris Sabin is talking about Beer Money Inc seeing the tape of the interview and how they're not letting their emotions get the better of them. (I know I need to take his advice but ... na)  Then Alex Shelley basically said the same thing in a newly designed soup cereal bowl. Then he listed off all the crap ends of the business they've had to endure to get to the top. Wow no wonder he never has time to eat with all the flights and driving.  

Cut back to camera 4, Beer Money Inc making a comment about the belts again, James Storm saying he does not want a repeat of last summer's feud but to put a lid on things with the MMG.

Cut back to camera 9, Alex Shelley saying that it's not how you get to the top, but how you manage to stay or get back to the top that really counts. Isn't that what Storm just said in his part about his team?

Cut back to camera 5, more talking on the women's tag belts.

Cut back to camera 6, and Kazarian... Kaz... Kazarian... the KazzyKatman... talking about how Styles is in the same boat as him needing to grab gold.

Cut to camera 10, Generation Me, the one with the long greasy hair Max talking about how they are going to end up having to fight each other for the X-belt.

Cut back to camera 6 again and Kaz reminding the fans that he helped to create the division.

Cut to camera 11, Jay Lethal talking about how he's ready to defend the X-belt.

The last two minutes was just a wrap up of soundbites.    Dude, I am officially going on record saying after the comment GenMe made, I want Kaz to kick Max's stupid little ass five ways to Sunday.