Friday, December 24, 2010

Vampire Remakes!

We all know that a new Buffy is in the works.  Rumours have been floating around for the last two years, but more and more it looks as if it's already gone into production.  Even the original dvd from 1992 was given a "collector's" cover few months back in hopes of bringing new fans.

Now, it's looking like Lestat is going to be given a reboot.  Interview with the Vampire which was written in 1976, and made into a film back in 1994 (almost 20 years ago! Damn time flies) 
has been running the rumour mill for the last three years.  When I first heard that there was talk of a new Lestat movie, I thought they meant (they being the Film Powers That Be-Hollywood)  the next book in the series (which would have actually been book 4 Tale of the Body Thief. As both books 2 The Vampire Lestat  and book 3 Queen of the Damned were combined in one film in 2002) but what I've been seeing around the internet, is that Anne Rice is given the okay for a remake of the 1994 version of the first book.

And the talk of Robert Downey Jr as Lestat totally works. 
I know that when Queen of the Damned was released there was alot of fans who complained.  But, you have to remember, the character was in a different place in his life.  Interview was the beginning of the marriage so to speak, and Queen was after the divorce.  I think choosing to have a different actor at that point in time made perfect sense.  Just as it would to have someone fresh play the part. 

All in all, a new Lestat movie is something I want to see.  I would also love to see Memnoch the Devil done too....