Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blind Boys Don't Lie

Yes, I'm listening to the Lost Boys soundtrack.  The original soundtrack from 1987.  One of the only decent vampire soundtracks ever.

So, I'm expected to play nice and go to my sister's for xmas dinner.  Yay.  Well, at lest I'll get to watch the Food Network Canada for a few hours.
This was my one instruction from my sister  "We're having company so you have to wear a bra" 

Seriously, any woman will tell you how uncomfortable bras are.  Even more so for me since the car accident.  I had all my ribs on my right side broken- one of which punctured my lung  and the waist bans of bras no matter what kind sit right across the area where my scar is.  No matter how I adjust the stupid things, the scar tissue is thin and that causes issues.  Also, my right shoulder was broken in that accident and is shaped funny now.  No matter what kind, size, brand, design etc or how I adjust the straps, the right side always falls off.  I'm constantly having to pick at the strap. It's like let's play how many times in 30 seconds I have to fix the bra strap back in place. Seriously, dude I have gotten to the point where I just don't wear them anymore.

I hate xmas. Never cared for it not my holiday.  I'm a Hallowe'en person.