Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday night Dec 4

Well I suppose it's time I tried to get back a bit to my cooking, as I haven't been seriously doing anything kitchen wise in months. 
I've gotten a few random emails for my cooking blog -My Newfie Kitchen- the last couple of weeks.  My best recipe still happens to be my grandmother's beet and potato salad.  Major Newfoundland staple. 
I had a list of traditional Newfie recipes that I wanted to turn into vegetarian versions.  I've done most of them, to which I've learned that Newfoundland food just does NOT translate well to vegan/vegetarian versions.
But I still have not gotten around to trying to do a Jigg's Dinner.  I'm aiming for trying that one after the new year, once I gotten some more of the book reviews out of the way.  That's sort of one of those all day recipes.