Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The 5 Favs

Everyone likes lists.  We list things even when we might not realize it.
I'm doing a bunch of random Top Ten Movies   Fav 5's over on the movie challenge blog.   Why am I only doing 5's?

Well Spudguns,  I sat down to do a top ten few weeks ago when I did the first round, and found ten too many but five was good.  That and any wrestling fan will tell you about the Fav 5's...

So far, I've done a top 5 vampires and a top 5 horror
The next will most likely be timed for the week of Valentines.  And I already have the next few floating around in my zombie eaten brain. Try for one a month.

I find it ironic and neat at the sametime, that my best post so far over there has been a post about a recipe that one movie inspired me to try to make.
Alright, today is day 60 in my movie challenge and I've even managed to get my mother to watch a movies without complaining.  That's amazing in itself.