Friday, January 20, 2012

Return of the Book Dork Is In

Previously on the Book Dork...  You're heroine and heroin was jumpingly pleased that the summer had brought a new life back to the book club, which had died a horrible staggering death. To the hearted horror of your dearest Book Dork, the cold harshness of winter destroyed the love and light that the summer had delivered.  

Now on with the story...    The Book Dork aka a few X-Division's favourite naughty librarian has in a fit of madness that would make any Martin Short fan proud, decided in total mad hatter fashion; to breathe life into her beloved but corpsy book club.  Three selections... um Four selections cause the Book Dork can not count even though the one selection is usually sold as a large volume of two part books... have been chosen for the months of Feb, April, May/June.  Which include vampires, Italy, rabbits and evil queens.  {Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter,   Under the Tuscan Sun,  Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass}

The Book Dork, pleased with herself on this fine but cold January morning, while slurping her coffee with wild abandon, then had to dig out her own copy of the Alice books... er book as she remembered that she had a very large tiny print copy of the Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll.   Wordworth Edition. 1996.

Tune in next time for more adventures in Geekiness...