Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday 3:40pm

Happy Chinese New Year!!
It's a Dragon year.   And I have not yet done my homework on what this year is suppose to mean.  I'm very behind this weekend on many of my responsibilities. 

I have however, caught up with my soap operas and am reading another Debbie Macomber novel.  I'm addicted to say the lest.

The movie a day stuff is coming along nicely... I am on Day 52 which makes us firmly in week 7 of the challenge.  Trudging along but sticking to it much to my mother's horror.
And if you're reading the movie blog then you know I actually made it out on the weekend to see Underworld 4 Awakening.    But in my laziness have not posted about it on the vampire blog.  I might wait for that until it's release in a few months on DVD. 

What else what else what else... Well my Spudguns, I think that is about it for the moment. 
Well that and the fact I have to hunt down the landlord and get him to do something about the mailboxes being broken.  There is something jamming the lock on it and the keys to the mailbox isnt working.  Thought it was just the other day when it was frozen, but seems there is something more serious disrupting it. 

deep breath.  Maybe I need to take up Yoga again????