Thursday, January 26, 2012

With a little song and dam-ce

So I was watching today's pick for the movie challenge, and laughing and singing along to the theme song.  Then could not get the damned song out of my zombie eaten brain. So I thought, I've yet to tie everything in on the movie challenge blog with any sort of video.

Wouldn't it be fun to do a song and dance number?   Was thinking it might be interesting to totally ham and egg it up ... er you know what I mean.
But before I could hunt for my badly distraught and overly ruined cheapie hallowe'en wig from a million years ago, which like everything else around here is buried somewhere in my apartment; I decided to hunt online for the theme song from the movie.

Hang on, this is where my brain sort of started to work, and I gave up any ideas of entertaining anyone or anything because of the whole copyright issue with being able to use a song like that so... no getting into costume or doing something retarded like I had planned.  Because it just would not have worked without that song. Cause it was suppose to tie the whole thing together... I am making sense really, honest.

Aren't you all lucky about that Eh?   I see you nodding and smirking Mr. Sabin, knowing you're blog reading is still safe from my stupidity... for the moment.