Sunday, January 1, 2012


Ohh spooky.
That was me, yesterday sporting one of the new tees I got from Fright-Rags.  It's the Fright Night For Real shirt.  Make-upless and leaning over the webcam.  I looked better in the mirror before I hit the web-camera... er okay my boobs looked better in the mirror, here you can't even tell I have a shape. Just the angle I'm leaning makes it look like the vampire got punched or something...

Woohoo!  2012.  See, I knew it was just a case of the Mayans were too lazy to re-write another round of calenders.  No seriously, what was all that hype about the end of the frealing world anyway?  When the logical explanation was simply that the whole cycle started back around, like it does so many years anyway... argue with me if you want I'm not going to listen anyway just crank up the Twiztid.

Now, I know so many of the wrestling Spudguns who come dragging their sore tired bodies to this here bloggy-blog ... wipe your feet you're trailing ring-mat crud and zombie goo all over my crypt... are wanting to know what my thoughts were for the year 2011in wrestling, but since everyone else has given theirs I'll only give the basics.
Hightlight of TNA in 2011 was Austin Aries.  Hands down.
Hightlight of WWE in 2011 was CM Punk.  It was his year there is no denying that on any level.

Okay my Spudguns, go mix up a few batches of coffee and try to shake off the parties you went to last night and any remorse you have from 2011.

Creeping Screams!