Friday, January 6, 2012


Dear Spudguns:

It would seem, that the issues with the Blogger photos are fixed.  That is a plus as it was getting too much to handle having to sort through it all.
Finished my first book of the year for the 2012 reading challenge on Goodreads and am in the middle of reading my second book for it.  Both Debbie Macomber novels.
Been spending a great deal of time this week on craft blogs.  Was hoping to find a class in town for knitting and the like, but seems I'm out of luck.  But the quilting book arrived and I can't wait to get elbow deep into that project. This will be a first so I am expecting it to take me far into the next two years as I will be starting from the bottom as a total beginner.
Somehow I see myself spending way too much time in the coming months at the craft store.  As long as it keeps me busy I guess that's fine.
Caught last week's Impact for the week of Dec 29th 2011... other then Austin Aries on commentary the only thing I sat through was the Eric Young match.  Disappointed with the majority of the rest of it.  But you can tell when he's - Mr. Young- is setting for a fight as he does the equivalent of a girl removing her earrings by stripping... how nice that he's using his old SuperEric under-roos.  Still would like to see something with a Canadian print when he does but that is just me.
Movie a day blog is coming along swimmingly.  Hope to have some projects to add to it besides just reviews.

Well, that's about it for tonight,
Love Ardeth Blood.