Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TB rant

I have no idea who the hell is running this city, but why the freal are you doing the dren you are?

For years whomever it is who flicks the switch when it comes to where Thunder Bay gets the American stations, they seem to think it's a game of musical chairs or something. 
We've had the American channels over the years off and on from Detroit.  Then we had them from Minneapolis.  Then we had them from Detroit, then Minneapolis etc etc.
Few months ago, you gave us the Detroit stations, saying it had to do with cost and the whole quality of reception.  Alright it we got used to it.  I secretly loved it, but then again I'm Team Detroit.  
Now, you decide that's not good enough and decide to out of the blue go back to having the tv stations from somewhere else. 
Would whoever it is running the city of Thunder Bay pick a plan and stick with it!  Cause right now all you're doing is sticking your finger up your arse.