Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear TNA Jan 27th 2012

I am not happy with your editors.  I see that Impact has been posted on the Spike site in a very timely fashion, and as I was about to settle in to watch the X-Division match, I found a big big big issue.
Now, I admit I fast forward through anything that does not appeal to me but even in fast forward I know a bad editing job when I see one.
Once again, the first few minutes of the show was fine but then after the first break, it returns with 45 minutes worth of last week's episode.
This has been happening for months. Those of us who can only view the show online find we get maybe two weeks where everything is edited proper then two sometimes three weeks where large chunks of the episode are copies from the week before.
Get a frealing handle on this!  Dude, I ended up having to hunt the episode down on youtube and I only did so because of the X-Division match with Alex Shelley.  And since I was able to find the proper show that aired last night on youtube, that tells me it was the screw up of just the online editor.
So I'm just saying, whomever you've got working in the studio for the upload, they need to check their dren.

Signed as always Ardeth Blood