Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day Unknown

This is post number 938 or something on this here bloggy-blog, but since I have had days where I posted more then once, I can not tell you by my list of posts what number day it would be.

Have I confused you now?

Well my Spudguns... I'm up because of the neighbours. And we are in for a warm up today here, I already feel like my face is about to fall apart because of the sinus headache that won't let go.  Feels like a vice grip.

The movie challenge is coming along nicely.   Day 54 on there, just posted.  Have a few odds and ends for that floating around in the mush that is my zombie eaten brain.

Been working on the latest manuscript.  Fresh story, and all I have to say is that I pray it keeps on keeping on for a while.  But of course as always, seeing the X-Division getting a shot in the arm did in fact give me a blast of inspiration.  So all my love to TNA's  Alex Shelley and Austin Aries.  I might actually have to get that ppv in a few weeks...
And for those few wondering... just keep wondering.

That's the view from my sofa this morning.