Sunday, January 8, 2012

926 Sunday

And this is what the whole Domestic and Damned  is all about.
Today's movie de jour on the movie blog had inspired arts and crafts.  So, there is today's movie Day 37 and there is a bit extra
So if you want to see what one of the original ideas for this bloggy-blog was and have a chuckle or three, then my lovely Spudguns -oh Spuddy specially you this fine ppv morning-  you have to visit the movie blog.

Speaking of the ppv... since as of right now the Spike site still has not gotten up to date with this week's show and I have less then half a clue who's on the ppv schedule for tonight,  {I know Austin Aries has the X-title match that's about it}  let me just wish everyone who is part of the TNA ppv tonight  a safe event.

And Aries better win better keep the belt...