Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Door One Window

You've all heard that old phrase, when one door closes another one opens   or when one door closes a window opens.  
Well, if you're into tarot at all, you might be finding the Wheel and the 5 of Pentagrams popping up everywhere right now.  

Either way, that's the energy happening right now.   Some might put it down to the fact we are a few days away from the Chinese New Year,  a Dragon year.  Others might put it down to the fact the planets are shifting  yet others might just put it down to the change of seasons.

Either way, I'm finding I can not escape this term. Even now, just a few moments ago I was checking my emails and received an article in a newsletter about one Life Coach's recent admittance to this very thing.   Something she'd valued and worked for for 5 years suddenly was no longer an option.  But what came up as a replacement was even better.

I wish I had a big AH-A Moment for myself here, but I am sitting on the cusp of whatever might be my door closing-window opening and even though I can't see what that might be or how or when or even why;  I can feel that it's on the edge.

And that's the view from my sofa tonight.