Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Vampire Matinee

That's got a nice ring to it don't it?   Saturday Vampire Matinee.   I like that.  Am going to have to use that more often.

So it's a Saturday.   Which covers the first part of the title of the post.
On the Vampire blog I was talking about the latest edition of the classic encyclopedia by J. Gordon Melton. 
And the movie de jour is up on the movie challenge blog- Day 43-. So the matinee part. Even though it's like not even 9:30am where I am yet... matinee.  I think they should have matinees here in town all year long, not just weekends and holidays.  But then Thunder Bay sucks so...

And yes, next week we get the release of the latest Underworld movie.  That seems to be in 3D.  Damn it Janet! I hate 3D.