Friday, January 13, 2012

Post 930

It's Friday the 13th!!!!!


Let's talk about the tarots for a moment shall we... {let me take a big slurp of my coffee}  I was asked why I don't talk about the reverse sides of tarots. 
Well.  I know some people steer away from the downsides of tarots because it can frighten people.  There is just something psychological when seeing the cards upside-down.

That's not the case with me.  I simply have so many decks that I like to use, that I find it easier to only focus on the tarot proper. 
When working with a deck, most people who study or read tarots have one working deck they use and connect with.   I'm more of a collector and like to switch up my decks every so often.  It gets confusing sometimes as all the decks have slightly different meanings for each card.  Not too mention the pictures are subject to the deck's artist.

And since ... {more slurping} it takes a few seconds sometimes for my zombie eaten brain to connect what card it is because not all the cards have a title on them, which I can't really do when they are upside down... so yeah.  I just find it easier to work with them proper. 

Speaking of zombies... well okay we weren't but my Spudguns I needed something of a segway  sequway  point of turning  ... speaking of movies, if you're reading my movie a day challenge blog, today's is up.  I think I mentioned this morning on my drama free blog about how I couldn't make up my mind what to do for Friday 13th, as I am not a fan of that series of movies; but ended up going with... you have to visit the blog damn it!!!  Can't give away all the goodies on here now can I.  Day 42 on there.  Or you know just look for the date with Friday 13th Jan 2012.